Joining Florida Workers' Advocates (FWA)

Florida Workers’ Advocates (FWA) is an organization of attorneys representing injured workers and is dedicated to protecting the rights of those workers. FWA serves as the focal point for action on a range of issues affecting injured workers and their families and is committed to their protection. FWA is exclusively comprised of claimant attorneys who have committed their financial and intellectual resources toward one objective; promoting a workers’ compensation system that fairly provides financial and medical benefits to the workers of Florida.

Call the FWA Office for more information at 850.562.9675 and become a member today.

Why Join?

  • FWA is the only organization that focuses on advocating the rights of Florida’s injured workers and those who represent them to the State Legislature;
  • FWA issues a newsletter to provide practical tips and timely information to help the claimant practitioner;
  • FWA sponsors educational seminars for claimant practitioners and their staff to keep you abreast of ever-changing laws and procedures;
  • FWA makes available, to claimant practitioners and their clients, public and private websites to provide you with an avenue for the exchange of ideas and information;
  • FWA offers the Amicus Brief Committee for guidance in the creation of good case law;
  • FWA provides time-sensitive e-mail updates regarding legislative news and other pertinent information.

Top Ten Reasons the Best Claimant’s Attorneys Belong to Florida Workers’ Advocates

  1. The Claimants’ Attorneys” Email Listserv. Our listserv is an email network of highly experienced claimants’ attorneys who share their knowledge, skills and strategies with each other on a daily basis in response to member inquiries. As one member describes it, “the listserv provides free legal advice and counsel by expert claimants’ attorneys in real time.” Subscription to CAEL is only available to members of FWA.
  2. Annual Educational Conference. The purpose of FWA is to support and defend the rights of persons who are exposed to workplace injuries by providing a medium for cooperation and continuing education among lawyers representing the interests of injured and disabled workers. For the past 22 years FWA has hosted the premier annual continuing education conference for claimants‟ attorneys.
  3. Advertising. The FWA website ( contains a “Find-A-Lawyer” section listing only FWA members. This is an inexpensive means of advertising that affords a ready source of prospective clients seeking representation.
  4. Legislative Advocacy. Legislation favorable to injured workers does not just happen. Every benefit for injured workers must be strenuously lobbied for against the efforts of powerful employer and carrier associations who seek to limit injured-worker benefits. FWA is actively involved in advocacy on behalf of injured workers’ benefits in the Florida Legislature.
  5. Judicial Advocacy. FWA has an Amicus Committee that monitors all workers’ compensation appeals and provides advocacy in key cases by filing briefs in support of injured workers. One example that illustrates the importance of this role is the Emma Murray case. FWA played a key leadership role in advocating in support of the plaintiff in this case. The plaintiff’s counsel is a member of the FWA Board of Directors and one of its past presidents.
  6. JCC Policy Advocacy. FWA has a seat at the table when policy changes are being considered by the Office of Judge of Compensation Claims.
  7. Insurance Regulation Advocacy. FWA also has a seat at the table when the Division of Workers‟ Compensation or Office of Insurance Regulation is proposing changes in rules, policies or procedures affecting the practice of workers’ compensation attorneys.
  8. Strength in Numbers. By working in concert with fellow claimants’ lawyers as well as other organizations who share FWA’s commitment to the protection of injured workers rights, FWA is able to speak with a much stronger voice than would otherwise be possible. FWA has forged a strong alliance with the Florida Justice Association and Voices, Inc. and works closely with first-responder groups.
  9. Newsletters. FWA publishes periodic newsletters available exclusively to its members addressing current topics of interest to claimants’ attorneys. 10. Networking. FWA membership meetings and events afford a statewide networking opportunity exclusively among claimants‟ attorneys.
  10. Networking. FWA membership meetings and events afford a statewide networking opportunity exclusively among claimants‟ attorneys.

Are Other Organizations Protecting These Interests?

Yes and no! While FWA works closely with and supports Florida Justice Association (formerly the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers), organized labor, farm-worker groups, and other labor interests, FWA remains the only organization solely devoted to promoting fair and just treatment of injured workers and their families.

FWA is exclusively comprised of claimants’ attorneys who have committed their financial and intellectual resources towards one objective: promoting a workers’ compensation system that fairly provides financial and medical benefits to the workers of Florida.

What Can You Do To Help?

Join and support FWA today! Don’t let the injured worker, already victimized by an accident at the workplace, be victim to abusive legislation while you reply on a few colleagues to do all the work. Every claimant’s attorney in Florida has a personal and professional stake in the outcome of the annual legislative session. The workers’ compensation system is a statutory creation. Defend the rights of helpless and voiceless injured workers by taking a stand now!

We need your financial support. Only membership dues and donations fund our educational, legal, and political efforts. Our lobbyists’ presence in Tallahassee is of paramount importance and requires money.

Don’t allow the business and insurance industries to continue efforts to dismantle a meager system of benefits, and the injured worker’s ability to choose competent counsel. There is strength in numbers and together we will make a difference!

Contributions to FWA are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of dues, however, is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that FWA engages in lobbying activities. The non-deductible portion of your 2009 dues is 44%. Contact FWA at 850.562.9675 for more information..


FJA Affiliate Memberships

The Florida Justice Association passionately believes that all Floridians benefit when deserving individuals have a fair chance to seek justice in our state’s courts and that Florida’s consumers are made safer when large corporations and industries are held to a high ethical standard and accept fair responsibility for their actions. We are the only statewide professional association dedicated to trial attorneys and their clients in the entire state, representing thousands of individual members and providing a voice on behalf of countless patients and consumers inside the Florida Legislature.